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The Indiana Pressler Memorial Chapter of HFMA has a number of different operating committees. These committees are responsible for carrying out many of the activities of the organization. To better meet the needs of the membership, your input and participation is vital. Please see the operating committees summary to learn more about a particular committee and/or view the list of those participating on the committees for this year. Our committee members always appreciate hearing from you. Also, you may choose to participate in one of these committees for the next year. Please send an e-mail to a chapter officer and/or the Chair person of the committee if you are interested in being an active participant in the development of your organization. If interested in signing up, you can fill out the Committee Registration Form.

THE IMPORTANCE OF CHAPTER VOLUNTEERS - How can you have an impact? Influence issues affecting our profession, Provide for educational needs, and Address the changing needs of members!

What is in it for you? Interesting and rewarding professional activity, Opportunities to serve and promote our profession, Develop leadership skills, and Network and work with other professional leaders!

What is needed? People willing to dedicate time and energy to support the work of the Chapter and People interested in working in a team environment committed to excellent results!

How much time is required? Each committee’s time commitment is outlined separately below and is based on each committee member performing his/her share of total committee duties. In addition to committee work, each committee member will be invited to a Leadership Retreat. More details will be provided and the Chapter will cover all your expenses for this meeting.

Operating Committees

Awards and Recognition

The function of the Awards & Recognition Committee is to seek out any and all opportunities to achieve membership recognition and awards for outstanding volunteerism and committed service to the Chapter.​

Chair: Michelle Trowell

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Time Commitment: 15-20 hours/year average

Includes an appointed Chair and Vice-Chair. The Chairperson acts as the Editor of the Hoosier Times. Communications works with all committees to provide communication and education for members through the newsletter. This includes promoting upcoming events and publishing articles written by HFMA members. The Hoosier Times is published a minimum of four times per year.

Chair:  Alison Weissenberger

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Time Commitment: 15-20 hours/year average

Includes the Vice President as Chairperson, Co-Chairs, and at least 12 committee members. It is charged with designing ALL educational programs for the Chapter. This includes immediate needs served by half-day, oneday and two-day sessions. The education committee incorporates education from the following major functions: Receivables, Finance, IS, Physician Practice Management, Compliance, Reimbursement, and Managed Care. The Co-Chairs are responsible for coordinating the efforts of the program planners and communicating with the Chapter’s Administrative Assistant who serves as the Institute Coordinator and creates the program brochure.​

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Chair: Nick Eichelman

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Time Commitment: 15-20 hours/year average

Includes an appointed Chair and Vice-Chair. The purpose of the Committee is to provide better coordination and awareness of member needs. This is done through annual assessments of members (survey), communication with new members, dissemination and compilation of evaluation forms from each educational program, and creation of the Membership Directory. The Committee also coordinates a new member orientation event.​

Chair: Kathi Geiger

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Description Coming Soon

Chair: Farrah Mahoney

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Hijinks and Shenanigans (Networking)

Time Commitment: 15-20 hours/year average

Includes an appointed Chair and Vice-Chair. This Committee focuses on the social and networking needs of the members, creating a variety of opportunities for members to enhance the professional and social aspects of their membership. This includes the summer baseball game and picnic, fall golf outing, entertainment at the leadership retreat, and hosting other awards and social activities during the year.​

Chair: Tashia Lindvall

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Professional Development

Time Commitment: 10-12 hours/year average

Includes an appointed Chair and Vice-Chair. This Committee facilitates each member’s professional growth by providing information concerning Certification and working with HFMA National to help promote professional development via the internet. This Committee is responsible for providing a speaker on leadership or professionalism at an educational institute and for presenting a certification-training program. It is also responsible for the enhancement and monitoring of the Chapter Scholarship Program.

Chair: Shannon Ebenkamp

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Time Commitment: 15-20 hours/year average

Includes an appointed Chair and Vice-Chair. This Committee is responsible for obtaining sponsors as well as administering the various financial opportunities for our sponsors. The Committee will work with the sponsors to ensure that the sponsors’ and Chapter’s needs are being met.

Chair: Darren Cook

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Other Opportunities

Education Consultant

Provides assistance to the Education Committee relative to ideas for topics and speakers. These individual serve outside of the Operating Committee. Time Commitment: 2-4 hours/year average

Course Coordinator

The Course Coordinator acts as the host for an educational program. The Coordinator will be responsible for the introduction of speakers and assist the speakers with handout materials. The Coordinator may also welcome members to the program and make general announcements. The Course Coordinator is expected to be present for the complete program. Time Commitment: 8-16 hours/year average


A Mentor is responsible for welcoming new members to the Chapter. This is accomplished by communicating with new members during and outside of educational programming hours. A Mentor can accompany a new member to a meeting, invite them to lunch, introduce them to officers and the board, and/or get them involved in the committee structure.


If your schedule does not permit or your organization would like to support the Chapter in a monetary manner, there are several ways that you can be a vital contributor. The Chapter offers several package levels of sponsorship. Awards, prizes and hospitality hours can also be sponsored.

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