Spring Institute Presentations


When Plans Fail presented by Nicole Harper

Fraud in Healthcare and Covid-19's Impact on Risk presented by Bryan Callahan

Why Integrating Patient Intake, Engagement and Access is Critical for Safety presented by Clint Jones

Impact of RAND Price Studies presented by Phil Ellis, John Kraft, and Debbie Mann

Outlook for Financial Markets presented by Yung-Yu Ma

E&M Coding Changes/Physician Compensation presented by Carol Hoppe and David Blish

Best Practices of the Digital Revenue Cycle presented by Lindsay Skowronski

2021 Changes in Evaluation and Management Guidelines and Work Relative Value Unit Weights presented by Dr. Kaufmann and Amy Susott


When Payors Won't Listen presented by Ed Norwood

Annual Accounting Update for Health Care Entities presented by Nick Eichelman

Indiana Health Coverage Program Updates presented by Jessica Ellis

Imagine Tomorrow presented by Mike Allen

Employer-Led National Hospital Price Transparency Initiative presented by Gloria Sachdev

Price Transparency & Cost Containment Strategies presented by Brady Kahl and Brandon Collins

2019 State Legislative Update presented by Julie Halbig - Coming Soon!


2018 Legislative and HAF Update presented by Laura McCaffrey

Capital Financing 101 presented by Nessy Shems

Value Based Care presented by Moshe Starkman

Medicare Cost Report 101 presented by Kyle Smith

State of the Hospital Industry - Presented by Jamie Cleverley

Indiana Medicaid Program Updates presented by J Hopkins

5 Whys presented by Hilary Dolbee

Denials Management - presented by Guarav Gupta

Ginger Witte - Internal Controls on a Budget presented by Ginger Witte

Donna Purvis - The Pros and Cons of Early Out presented by Donna Purvis

Legislative Update presented by FSSA's Becky Buhner and Michael Cook

Kevin Woodhouse and Elizabeth Walker - Time to Partner presented by Kevin Woodhouse and Elizabeth Walker

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