Spring Institute Presentations


When Payors Won't Listen presented by Ed Norwood

Annual Accounting Update for Health Care Entities presented by Nick Eichelman

Indiana Health Coverage Program Updates presented by Jessica Ellis

Imagine Tomorrow presented by Mike Allen

Employer-Led National Hospital Price Transparency Initiative presented by Gloria Sachdev

Price Transparency & Cost Containment Strategies presented by Brady Kahl and Brandon Collins

2019 State Legislative Update presented by Julie Halbig - Coming Soon!

S-10 Audit Updates presented by Maureen Griffin


2018 Legislative and HAF Update presented by Laura McCaffrey

Capital Financing 101 presented by Nessy Shems

Value Based Care presented by Moshe Starkman

Medicare Cost Report 101 presented by Kyle Smith

State of the Hospital Industry - Presented by Jamie Cleverley

Indiana Medicaid Program Updates presented by J Hopkins

5 Whys presented by Hilary Dolbee

Denials Management - presented by Guarav Gupta

Ginger Witte - Internal Controls on a Budget presented by Ginger Witte

Donna Purvis - The Pros and Cons of Early Out presented by Donna Purvis

Legislative Update presented by FSSA's Becky Buhner and Michael Cook

Kevin Woodhouse and Elizabeth Walker - Time to Partner presented by Kevin Woodhouse and Elizabeth Walker


2016 Legislative Update presented by Hannah Brown

Shaping the Tenets of Government Regulations to fit the Revenue Cycles of Tomorrow presented by George Buck

2016 Health System “Consumerism” Checklist presented by David Burik

Positioning Hospital Service Lines in a Customer Focused Market presented by Wayne Cafran and ​Joshua Campbell

Meaningful Use Audits presented by Susan Clark

Developing Emotional Intelligence presented by Jonathan Fanning

Who Are You Becoming presented by Jonathan Fanning

Population Health Strategies: Legal and Compliant Solutions presented by Alex Krouse

Supplemental Payments: Hot Topic for Hospitals and Nursing Facilities presented by Meghan Linvill McNab and Leah Mannweiler

Reconciling Value Based Payments presented by Lynette Nelson

Why Self-Service Matters presented by Oliver Nono

Why Do Ethical People Do Unethical Things? presented by Joshua E. Perry

Capital Markets Conditions and the Implication for Borrowers presented by Nessy Shems

A New Model of Mental Health Care presented by Allison Taylor and Dr. John Wernert

Enterprise Risk Management: The Competitive Advantage presented by Shawn Williams and Allen Still

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